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In order to avoid the situation where two investigators study the same research question, please search our database to determine if your topic has already been studied. If you find that your topic or a related topic has already been submitted, you may wish to contact the investigator to inquire about his/her findings to determine how you might proceed. You may wish to collaborate or modify your request to avoid overlap. The results below reflect requests made since online requests have been accepted. As such, not all fields will have data as certain information, such as aims, were not collected until recently. If an entry has been assigned an ID # (e.g. DIAN-D1004), the full request has been submitted and is either approved, disapproved or in process.

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Investigator:LD Sibley

Title:Role of toxoplasmosis in AD

Date of Request:09/09/2019

Aim 1:Evaluate differences in amyloid PET based on Toxoplasma serological status

Aim 2:Evaluate differences in cognative function based on Toxoplasma serological status

Investigator:Belinda Brown

Title:The effect of exercise participation on Aβ accumulation, CSF biomarkers and brain atrophy and age at onset

Date of Request:08/27/2019

Aim 1:1. Compare the rates of brain Aβ accumulation between exercising and sedentary asymptomatic mutation carriers.

Aim 2:2. Compare longitudinal changes in CSF levels of Aβ and tau between exercising and sedentary asymptomatic mutation carriers.

Aim 3:3. Compare rates of hippocampal and prefrontal cortex atrophy between exercising and sedentary asymptomatic mutation carriers.

Aim 44. Examine the relationship between baseline exercise levels and age at onset in symptomatic mutation carriers.

Investigator:Anne Fagan

Title:Head to head comparison of CSF assay platforms for identifying amyloid positivity

Date of Request:08/20/2019

Aim 1:To compare the analytic performance of the two automated assay platforms (Elecsys and Lumipulse) for measurement of CSF AB40, AB42, total tau and ptau181 in a common sub-cohort of DIAN samples

Aim 2:To define the best-performing CSF biomarker cut-point(s) for amyloid PET positivity for each of the assay platforms

Investigator:Martha Brumfield

Title:Drug-disease-trial model for Alzheimer's prevention drug development

Date of Request:07/22/2019

Aim 1:Develop a drug-disease trial model to optimize clinical trial design in Alzheimer's prevention

Aim 2:Submit the model for regulatory endorsement at FDA and EMA

Aim 3:Develop a graphical user interface for the model

Aim 4Make model publicly available

Investigator:Andrew Yoo

Title:Modelling Alzheimer’s disease with human neurons generated by direct conversion (reprogramming) of patient fibroblasts

Date of Request:07/14/2019

Aim 1:Developing cellular models of AD through direct neuronal reprogramming

Aim 2:Application of direct neuronal reprogramming in patient fibroblasts

Investigator:Helena Chui

Title:Biomarker Characterization of a Novel Truncation Mutation in PSEN1

Date of Request:07/13/2019

Aim 1:To describe CSF profile of AD biomarkers including but not limited to Abeta and tau subspecies in a patient with a novel truncation mutation in PSEN1

Aim 2:To describe imaging characteristics (MRI, FDG, Amyloid PET) of the novel PSEN1 truncation mutation

Investigator:Guoqiao Wang

Title:Select Eligible DIAN-OBS Participants for the DIAN-TU Primary Analysis

Date of Request:07/10/2019

Aim 1:Select Eligible DIAN-OBS Participants for the DIAN-TU Primary Analysis

Investigator:Nick Fox

Title:Psychosis in dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease

Date of Request:07/08/2019

Aim 1:To determine the frequency of psychosis in DIAN family members, and to explore associations between psychosis and different genotypes

Aim 2:To examine the relationship between neuropsychiatric symptoms and estimated years to and from cognitive symptom onse

Aim 3:3. To determine if there is a relationship, and any potential interaction, between psychotic symptoms and previously reported risk/modifier alleles (5HT2A receptor polymorphism, SNPs in RP11-541P9.3, ApoE status) and environmental risk factors (e.g. history of substance abuse)

Aim 44. To explore associations between neuropsychiatric symptoms and fluid, imaging and cognitive biomarkers of disease

Investigator:Nick Fox

Title:Longitudinal tau PET in dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease

Date of Request:07/04/2019

Aim 1:a) to understand the role tau PET imaging can play as a marker of early Alzheimer’s disease for clinical diagnostic purposes and also as a biomarker in trials of individuals with autosomal dominantly inherited forms of Alzheimer’s disease (ADAD)

Aim 2:b) to optimize static and dynamic methods of tau PET analysis in order to achieve better longitudinal consistency and reduce sources of within-subject variability

Aim 3:c) to improve understanding of when and where tau deposition occurs, and how these relationships change over time;

Aim 4d) to determine the relationship between changes in tau deposition and changes related to neurodegeneration and cognitive decline; and

Investigator:Ben Handen, Bradley Christian, William Klunk

Title:Comparing CSF biomarkers of AD in Down Syndrome and autosomal dominant AD

Date of Request:06/21/2019

Aim 1:To analyze and compare levels of established and novel CSF biomarkers (Aβ40, Aβ42, tTau, pTau, VILIP-1, Ng, SNAP-25, YKL-40, NfL, and sTREM2) between ABC-DS and DIAN cohorts.