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In order to avoid the situation where two investigators study the same research question, please search our database to determine if your topic has already been studied. If you find that your topic or a related topic has already been submitted, you may wish to contact the investigator to inquire about his/her findings to determine how you might proceed. You may wish to collaborate or modify your request to avoid overlap. The results below reflect requests made since online requests have been accepted. As such, not all fields will have data as certain information, such as aims, were not collected until recently. If an entry has been assigned an ID # (e.g. DIAN-D1004), the full request has been submitted and is either approved, disapproved or in process.

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Investigator:John C Morris

Title:Correlates of synucleinopathy in DIAN mutation carriers

Date of Request:6/1/2016


Aim 1:Determine in autopsied DIAN participants and their autopsied family members wherther synculeinopathy is associated with particular mutations

Aim 2:In the same sample as for Aim 1, determine whether autopsied DIAN participants with synculeinopathy had clinical (behavioral, cognitive, neurological) features of Lewy body disease

Aim 3:Examine clinical (behavioral, cognitive, neurological) features of Lewy body disease in DIAN mutation carriers (asymptomatic and symptomatic)

Investigator:E Coulson

Title:Basal forebrain degeneration in familial AD

Date of Request:6/13/2016


Aim 1:Determine whether basal forebrain (BF) degeneration occurs in familial AD

Aim 2:Determine the relationship between BF degeneration and cognitive decline

Aim 3:Determine the relationship between BF degeneration and hippocampal/cortical degneration

Aim 4Determine the relationship between BF degeneration and A load

Investigator:Katrina Paumier

Title:Antidepressant-mediated disease-modifying effects in ADAD

Date of Request:7/5/2016


Aim 1:Determine whether antidepressant treatment reduces brain amyloid deposition (PET)

Aim 2:Determine if antidepressants alter CSF biomarkers (A-beta, tau, ptau, etc.)

Aim 3:Determine if the onset of symptoms is delayed in antidepressant treated individuals.

Aim 4Assess whether the rate of disease progression is slowed with antidepressant treatment (DPM)

Investigator:M Ewers

Title:Association between CSF sTREM2 and white matter changes

Date of Request:8/5/2016


Aim 1:Test whether higher CSF sTREM2 is associated with stronger WMH volume, fiber tract damage (DTI) and lower functional connetivity

Investigator:Michael Ewers

Title:Is global connectivity of the left frontal cortex a neural substrate of reserve in subjects with autosomal dominant Alzheimer's disease?

Date of Request:8/7/2016


Aim 1:To test whether LFC connectivity is associated with protective factors such as years of education, IQ, leisure activities (i.e. years of education, IQ)

Aim 2:To test whether LFC connectivity is associated with higher cognitive performance at any given level of disease severity

Aim 3:To test whether LFC changes with disease severity during the course of AD and relates to dementia symptom onset

Investigator:Jason Hassenstab

Title:Developing the DIAN-TU Cognitive Endpoint

Date of Request:8/17/2016


Aim 1:Evaluate combinations of cognitive tests in order to develop the most sensitive composite score for use as the primary cognitive endpoint in the DIAN-TU trial.

Investigator:Jason Hassenstab

Title:Evaluating the utility of �run-in� data for use in AD prevention trials: Results from the DIAN observational study

Date of Request:8/17/2016


Aim 1:To evaluate the utility of including �run-in� data to increase power to detect a treatment effect.

Investigator:Serge Gauthier

Title:Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Predicting Neurodegeneration In Asymptomatic Autosomal Dominant Alzheimer?s Disease Mutation Carriers

Date of Request:8/25/2016


Aim 1:Test the hypothesis that the magnitude of neuropsychiatric symptoms predicts subsequent cingulate hypometabolism in asymptomatic ADAD mutation carriers over 24 months.

Aim 2:Replicate our findings obtained from the ADNI cohort in which baseline Neuropsychiatric Inventory (NPI) predicts neurodegeneration in cognitively normal individuals with preclinical AD.

Investigator:JC Morris

Title:APOE4 effect on brains tructure and function in cognitively normal young-to-middle age adults

Date of Request:8/26/2016


Aim 1:DIAN NCs with an E4 allele will have greater risk of having an "Alzheimer signature"

Investigator:Timothy Hohman

Title:Building a Resilience Phenotype in DIAN

Date of Request:9/1/2016


Aim 1:Define a resilience phenotype in the cohort based on better-than-expected cognition and hippocampal volume given an individuals level of AD biomarkers