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In order to avoid the situation where two investigators study the same research question, please search our database to determine if your topic has already been studied. If you find that your topic or a related topic has already been submitted, you may wish to contact the investigator to inquire about his/her findings to determine how you might proceed. You may wish to collaborate or modify your request to avoid overlap. The results below reflect requests made since online requests have been accepted. As such, not all fields will have data as certain information, such as aims, were not collected until recently. If an entry has been assigned an ID # (e.g. DIAN-D1004), the full request has been submitted and is either approved, disapproved or in process.

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Investigator:Joseph Therriault

Title:Determination of Voxel-based Receiver Operating Characteristic thresholds of amyloid- deposition

Date of Request:11/07/2017



Aim 1:Determine the extent to which the patterns of amyloid burden that optimally differentiate between sporadic AD patients and controls are observed in ADAD.

Aim 2:Determine whether amyloid burden in structures that optimally differentiate between controls and AD patients, determined by the results of the voxel-wise ROC curve, can provide additional information about disease severity as measured by neuropsychological test scores and [18F]FDG-PET

Investigator:David Cash and Nick Fox

Title:Sample size estimates for imaging biomarkers in prevention trials: exploring different modalities, enrichment strategies and trial designs

Date of Request:10/02/2017



Aim 1:Assess and optimise imaging measures of preclinical AD for use as trial inclusion, staging criteria and outcome measures

Aim 2:Assess the rate and variance of serial imaging measures in the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN) study

Aim 3:Assess the different power and design requirements for studies using different potential trial inclusion criteria – including, but not limited to a) estimated years to onset (based on from parental age in familial AD); b) amyloid PET imaging; c) amyloid PET positivity plus hippocampal volume

Aim 4Assess and compare the requirements for classical parallel arm trial design with a) run-in designs that include a pre-treatment assessment period and b) staggered start designs

Investigator:Mikael Simons

Title:Lipidomics study of preclinical plasma biomarkers for Alzheimer´s disease

Date of Request:09/28/2017

Status:Incorrect submission-resubmit as sample request


Aim 1:Establish a preclinical biomarker for AD

Aim 2:Determine lipid profiles in preclinical AD

Aim 3:Compare lipid profiles in DIAN and Framingham

Aim 4Determine longitudinal changes of lipid profiles during disease

Investigator:Hamied Haroon

Title:“Quantima – Diagnostics Imaging Biomarkers

Date of Request:09/13/2017



Aim 1:Generate diffusion atlas for healthy controls and participants diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Investigator:Anne Fagan

Title:Evaluation of longitudinal trajectories of novel CSF markers of neuronal injury/neuroinflammation

Date of Request:09/13/2017



Aim 1:Perform cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of clinical, cognitive, structural imaging and biochemical changes according to estimated age of symptomatic onset for standard CSF biomarkers (tau, ptau, and Aβ42) as well as novel ones (VILIP-1, Ng, SNAP-25, YKL-40) in order to evaluate the rate of change of the novel CSF biomarkers as a function of baseline estimated age of symptomatic onset

Aim 2:Compare their rates of change with those of the standard biomarkers

Aim 3:Evaluate the association of cross-sectional and longitudinal patterns of all CSF biomarkers with regional brain atrophy measures.

Investigator:Randall Bateman

Title:Preliminary data to assess viability of potential CSF biomarker study (Pfizer collaboration)

Date of Request:03/23/2017



Aim 1:Identify mutations by site to assess feasibility of possibly conducting this study.

Investigator:Benoit Lehallier

Title:Large-scale screening of preclinical biomarkers of Alzheimer�s disease

Date of Request:03/23/2017



Aim 1:To develop new algorithms to identify reliable biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease (AD)

Aim 2:To accurately predict time to MCI or to AD

Aim 3:To investigate the relative interest of imaging, proteomics, clinical and demographics

Aim 4to validate the best models in independent data sets such as the NACC and the ADNI cohorts.

Investigator:Thomas Liebmann

Title:Validation of quantitative virtual microscopy as a novel tool for early detection of neurodegeneration and Alzheimer’s disease from magnetic resonance imaging data

Date of Request:5/4/2017


Aim 1:Establish diagnosis accuracy on confirmed Alzheimer’s disease patient MRI scans using quantitative virtual microscopy

Aim 2:Establish early detection accuracy for discriminating pre-symptomatic degeneration from non-degenerating healthy individuals using quantitative virtual microscopy analysis on MRI scans

Investigator:Paul Delmar

Title:Understand Disease Progression and iAD patient population characteristics

Date of Request:05/30/2017



Aim 1:Better Understand the Disease Progression DIAD population

Aim 2:Better understand the DIAD patient population characteristics

Aim 3:Better Understand the Disease Progression proposed as primary analysis of the DIAN-TU clinical trial

Aim 4I am the Roche statistician involved with DIAN-TU clinical trial (Gantenerumab)

Investigator:Mindi Messmer

Title:Amyloid variabilty

Date of Request:07/20/2017



Aim 1:Look at longitudinal amyloid in ADAD