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Investigational drugs didn’t slow memory loss, cognitive decline in rare, inherited Alzheimer’s, initial analysis indicates

Representatives from Washington University School of Medicine, Eli Lilly and Co. and Roche convened Feb. 3 on the Washington University Medical Campus, to discuss data from the DIAN-TU trial. The international trial evaluated whether investigational drugs could slow memory loss and cognitive decline in people with a rare, inherited form of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Led by the School of Medicine, the trial evaluated investigational medicines made by Lilly and by Roche and its U.S. affiliate, Genentech. The DIAN-TU is grateful for the wonderful collaboration with our partners from Lilly and Roche, pictured here (counterclockwise): Randall Bateman (DIAN-TU); John Sims and Scott Andersen (Lilly); Janice Hitchcock (DIAN-TU); Isabella Velona and Cheryl Brown (Lilly); Susan Mills (DIAN-TU); Roy Yaari and Karen Holdridge (Lilly); From Roche: Kimberly Kyle, Geoff Kerchner, Alison Searle, Paul Delmar, Monika Baudler-Klein, and Rachelle Doody

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