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34-year-old woman travels to Wash U for Alzheimer’s trial

A devastating disease that can rob you of your memory has an Alabama woman traveling to Missouri for help. The...

KSDK - November 2015

First trial to stop Alzheimer’s before symptoms emerge

Most research into dementia is about finding treatments for people who are already affected by symptoms. But a trial is...

BBC News - October 2015

Family with history of rare Alzheimer’s gene hopes for a cure

CBS News - October 2015

Can knowing you and your family may get Alzheimer’s ever be positive?

At the University of Washington’s School of Medicine there is a computer database that states with certainty – albeit heavily...

The Guardian - September 2015

Slipping Away

Maclean's - September 2015

Alzheimer’s: Experimental drug offers hope to families with legacy of degenerative brain disease

ABC - August 2015

Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2015: ADAD Family Conference

ALZFORUM - August 2015

Families Affected by Early Alzheimer’s Seek Better Treatment

US News - July 2015

Younger Adults with Alzheimer’s are Key to Drug Research

NPR - July 2015

Fast-Forwarding Treatment for Neurodegenerative Disorders

Researchers at the Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre in London, UK, want to accelerate early-stage treatment trials for neurodegenerative disorders....

The Lancet Neurology - July 2015