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The Knight Family DIAN-TU Amyloid Removal Trial

The statement below is an update to the 18 August 2023 announcement by the Knight Family Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network Trials Unit (DIAN-TU) regarding the DIAN-TU-001 Open Label Extension (OLE) Study [ #NCT01760005].

On August 18th, 2023, the Knight Family DIAN-TU announced the discontinuation of the DIAN-TU-001 OLE based on findings from an interim efficacy analysis and the status of the drug program. Base on findings from the interim analysis that removing amyloid plaques may be beneficial, and recognizing the commitment of our participants and their families, the Knight Family DIAN-TU is pleased to announce our plans to launch the DIAN- TU Amyloid Removal Trial to enable continued study treatment for the DIAN-TU-001 OLE participants and address questions regarding the effects of removing amyloid plaques to normal levels on the disease process.

“The Knight Family DIAN-TU is delighted to continue to work with these participants who have been in trials for a decade to determine the long-term effects of amyloid plaque removal on Alzheimer’s disease prevention,” said Dr. Randall J. Bateman, Director of the DIAN-TU. “The findings indicate large beneficial effects on the biology, and the goal now is to confirm if removing amyloid plaques can delay or prevent the onset of memory loss and dementia in these unique individuals who are otherwise destined to dementia.”

The DIAN-TU has received funding from the Alzheimer’s Association and GHR Foundation to launch the DIAN-TU Amyloid Removal Trial. DIAN-TU plans to implement study treatment with an amyloid-removing therapy. We expect to launch the study in 2024.

We thank the DIAN-TU participants and their families for their commitment and patience while we finalize the details for this study. We also thank the Alzheimer’s Association and GHR Foundation for providing funding to enable the DIAN-TU Amyloid Removal Trial.

Randall J. Bateman, MD
Director, DIAN-TU

Ali Atri, MD, PhD
DIAN-TU-001 OLE Project Arm Leader, DIAN-TU

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