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In order to avoid the situation where two investigators study the same research question, please search our database to determine if your topic has already been studied. If you find that your topic or a related topic has already been submitted, you may wish to contact the investigator to inquire about his/her findings to determine how you might proceed. You may wish to collaborate or modify your request to avoid overlap. The results below reflect requests made since online requests have been accepted. As such, not all fields will have data as certain information, such as aims, were not collected until recently. If an entry has been assigned an ID # (e.g. DIAN-D1004), the full request has been submitted and is either approved, disapproved or in process.

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Investigator:Simon Duchesne

Title:Neuromorphometric phenotypes in sporadic and dominantly inherited forms of Alzheimer's disease

Date of Request:3/16/2015


Aim 1:To compare the patterns of neuromorphometric changes throughout the predementia and dementia stages of dominantly inherited AD (diAD) and sporadic AD (sAD)


Title:to be decided

Date of Request:3/27/2015


Aim 1:exploration of data using the structural equation modeling

Investigator:Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Scott Hofer, Andrea Piccinin, Jeffrey Kaye, and Diana Kuh

Title:Using DIAN to motivate statistical methods in aging and dementia research

Date of Request:6/11/2015


Aim 1:Use DIAN as an example dataset for the upcoming "Statistical Methods Conference on Aging & Dementia". The dataset will be used to stimulate discussion and novel ideas on the development of better statistical methods for study design and analysis in aging and dementia research.

Aim 2:As an particular example, DIAN will be investigated for building prediction models of conversion from normal/MCI to MCI/dementia

Investigator:Anne Poljak

Title:Amyloid-beta blood levels as an early marker of neurodegenerative disease

Date of Request:6/16/2015


Aim 1:Explore correlation of clinical covariates with Aβ levels

Aim 2:Compare corrected Aβ levels (all cohorts) across neurodegenerative diseases AD, PD, MCI, vascular dementia

Aim 3:Effects of soluble Aβ levels on brain volumetric parameters

Aim 4Effect of genetic factors on Aβ levels

Investigator:Suprateek Kundu

Title:Statistical approaches for early detection of Alzheimer's Disease

Date of Request:7/17/2015


Aim 1:Based on previous data on amyloids, predict if a future subject is likely to have Alzheimer's

Aim 2:Develop flexible statistical methodology for detecting the time of onset of Alzheimer's disease based on studying amyloid levels

Investigator:John Ringman

Title:White matter pathology in PSEN1-related spastic paraparesis

Date of Request:7/17/2015


Aim 1:To assess MRI measures of white matter pathology in PSEN1 mutation carriers with spastic paraparesis relative to those without

Investigator:Alex Whittington

Title:Spatiotemporal Modelling of misfolded proteins in AD

Date of Request:7/22/2015


Aim 1:Characterising the spatiotemporal pattern of Beta-amyloid in AD in vivo

Aim 2:Temporal ordering of subjects in AD

Aim 3:Using temporal ordering as a classifier

Investigator:Jason Hassenstab

Title:Using Run-in Data for Cognitive Endpoint Secondary Prevention Trials

Date of Request:8/12/2015


Aim 1:Determine if data collected prior to randomization can increase power of seconday prevention trials.

Investigator:Dr Vincent de la Sayette

Title:Amyloid imaging in young to middle-aged adults

Date of Request:8/17/2015


Aim 1:understand AB deposition and progression in young to middle-aged cognitively normal adults

Investigator:Ryoko Ihara

Title:Outcomes from awareness of mutation status in DIAN study

Date of Request:8/21/2015


Aim 1:To investigate how awareness of mutation status affects mental status and cognitive decline both in short term and long term

Aim 2:To investigate how awareness of mutation status before participation affects motivation for the study participation afterwards