Primary Prevention Trial

What is a primary prevention trial?

There is now clear evidence that the development and progressive accumulation of amyloid beta (Aβ) pathology occurs years before dementia symptoms begin, thereby providing a window of opportunity for intervention prior to symptom onset. Ideally, effective disease-modifying treatments would be started before any irreversible neuronal loss or dysfunction develops. We call this effort “primary prevention”, as the intervention point takes place before amyloid plaques form in the brain.

About the DIAN-TU Primary Prevention trial

The DIAN-TU Primary Prevention placebo-controlled trial will be a first of its kind, targeting amyloid deposition in subjects at risk for DIAD prior to onset of significant amyloid beta (Aß) pathology. Current trials in asymptomatic individuals target Aß after pathology is established; these secondary prevention efforts are likely more effective than treating at later, more advanced stages, however the most effective approach is to prevent AD pathology from forming.

In this study, we will test if it is possible to prevent Aß deposition in DIAD mutation carriers and if doing so will prevent the cascade of pathology associated with AD and, ultimately, dementia in a population that is otherwise certain to get the disease.  The DIAN-TU plans to launch the Primary Prevention trial in 2021. For additional information, please contact the DIAN Expanded Registry at