Genetic Counseling and Testing

Many individuals who join the DIAN Expanded Registry do not know if a genetic mutation is the cause of the Alzheimer’s disease experienced in their family.  For families who qualify, we offer potential participation in research to find out this information via the exploratory genetic counseling and testing (GCT) program.

Genetic counseling and testing

Find out how to gain access to genetic counseling and testing.

Basic requirements

  1. At least two family members in two successive generations (i.e. parent and their child) who have had symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that began before the age of 60.
  2. Someone in the family currently living with Alzheimer’s disease who is willing to have genetic counseling and submit a blood sample for genetic testing OR
  3. Tissue from a deceased family member (after autopsy) who had Alzheimer’s disease which is available for testing

An example of a family tree, or pedigree. The darkened shapes represent those family members affected by early-onset Alzheimer’s disease across three generations.

For more information

Please contact the DIAN Expanded Registry for more details:

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