Message From DIAD Families

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Imagine knowing that you’ll never reach the age of retirement. For generations, our families have been devastated by a rare genetic mutation that causes dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease (DIAD). We’re born with a 50% chance of having a gene mutation that leads to nearly a 100% likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease in our 30s, 40s or 50s. Our inheritable form of Alzheimer’s has exacted an enormous generational toll on our parents, siblings, our children and other friends and family members who serve as caregivers.

We represent less than 1% of all Alzheimer’s cases, but we are the key to the cure. Because our genetic mutation makes us certain to develop the disease, researchers can use us to identify early warning signs and test preventative drugs that could help the 44 million people affected by Alzheimer’s globally.

In July 2016, DIAD families will convene in Toronto, Canada with researchers, regulators and pharmaceutical companies. We’ll advocate for broader access to experimental treatments, receive updates on the latest advancements in research and learn how we can further contribute to Alzheimer’s research efforts. We’ll also support one another, share experiences and get guidance on every day challenges and decisions our families confront. The 2016 DIAD Family Conference is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association and the DIAN-TU.