Why Join the Registry?

The DIAN Expanded Registry is your direct link to research studies and resources related to dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease (DIAD). The Registry helps researchers worldwide find participants for clinical trials that are essential for developing better methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Individuals and family members affected by the disease are eligible to join the Registry. Individuals and family members who suspect they are affected are also eligible.

What are the benefits of joining?

Through the Registry, participants are able to:

  • Learn about current research and clinical trials for this rare disease
  • Make yourself available as a potential clinical trial participant, should you choose to participate
  • Gain access to genetic counseling and testing as part of an ongoing research project, if you meet study criteria.
  • Attend international family conferences
  • Engage in other educational opportunities
  • Receive regular updates about upcoming events and resources
  • Increase the power for successful DIAD drug trials through their participation

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