DIAN Observational Study Related Entities


Washington University in St. Louis has contracted with the following investigators and institutions to assist in the conduct of the project research:

  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN: Clifford Jack, MD, PhD—MRI site training and standardization.
  • University of Michigan: Robert Koeppe, PhD—PET site training and standardization.

Steering committee

A steering committee composed of DIAN’s principal investigators, associate directors, executive director, core leaders, performance site leaders, a bioethicist, autosomal dominant Alzheimer’s disease family representatives, and appropriate staff from the National Institute of Aging will govern the research.

Washington University

(DIAN Coordinating Center; Performance Site)

  • Randall Bateman (site PI), Director & Principal Investigator
  • Eric McDade, Associate Director & Clinical Core Leader
  • John C. Morris, Associate Director
  • David M. Holtzman, Associate Director
  • Jorge Llibre-Guerra, Associate Director
  • Alison M. Goate, Genetics Core Co-Leader
  • Carlos Cruchaga, Genetics Core Co-Leader
  • Alisha Daniels, Executive Director
  • Chengjie Xiong, Biostatistics Core Leader
  • Richard Perrin, Neuropathology Core Leader
  • Laura Ibanez, Biomarker Core Leader
  • Tammie Benzinger, Imaging Core Co-Leader & Project 2 Co-Leader
  • Jason Hassenstab, Cognition Core Leader
  • Celeste Karch, Scientific Director
  • Brian Gordon, Imaging Core Co-Leader & Project 2 Co-Leader
  • Charlene Supnet-Bell, Interim Project 3 Co-Leader
  • Allan Levey, Project 3 Co-Leader

Argentina sites

  • Ricardo Allegri (Site PI), FLENI, Buenos Aires
  • Ricardo Allegri (Site PI), FLENI, Salta

Australia sites

  • Peter Schofield (Site PI), Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney
  • Ralph Martins (Site PI), Edith Cowan University, Perth

Barcelona site

  • Raquel Sanchez-Valle (Site PI), Hospital Clinic i Provincial de Barcelona

Canada site

  • Pedro Rosa-Neto (Site PI), McGill University

Colombia site

  • Francisco Lopera Restrepo (Site PI), GNA, Medellin

Germany sites

  • Mathias Jucker (Site PI), University of Tübingen
  • Johannes Levin (Site PI), University of Munich

Japan sites

  • Takeshi Ikeuchi, Japan Consortium PI
  • Kensaku Kasuga (Site PI), Niigata University
  • Yoshiki Niimi (Site PI), Tokyo University

Korea site

  • Jae-Hong Lee (Site PI), Asan Medical Center
  • Jee-Hoon Roh, Asan Medical Ceneter

Mexico site

  • Ana Sosa Ortiz (Site PI), INNN, Mexico City

United Kingdom site

  • Nick Fox (Site PI), University College, London/Institute of Neurology

United States sites

  • Jasmeer Chhatwal (Site PI), Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Stephen Salloway (Site PI), Butler Hospital/Brown University
  • Edward Huey (Site PI), Butler Hospital/Brown University
  • James Noble (Site PI), Columbia University
  • Martin Farlow (Site PI), Indiana University
  • Sarah Berman (Site PI), University of Pittsburgh
  • Gregory Day (Site PI), Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Other steering committee members

  • Michael W. Weiner, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
  • John K. Hsiao and Laurie Ryan, National Institute on Aging
  • Four members of families with dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease

External Advisory Committee

Members of the External Advisory Committee (EAC) will review DIAN annually to evaluate progress, assess the effectiveness of communication among the grant components, and ensure that the conduct of the sites is of the highest possible quality. Current EAC members are:

  • Eric Reiman, Banner Health, Arizona, Chair
  • Thomas Montine, Stanford University
  • Michael Hutton, Eli Lilly
  • Karen Bandeen-Roche, John Hopkins University
  • Kathleen Welsh-Bohmer, Duke University