For Health Professionals

If you have a patient who has dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease, we want to hear from you.

An international collaborative research effort is under way to gain a better understanding of dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease (DIAD) and identify potential therapies that would benefit individuals and families with this rare condition.

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As a physician other health professional, you can participate in this effort by referring patients to us. We invite you to explore the opportunities below, join our DIAN Expanded Registry or contact us to learn more.

Ways to get involved

The DIAN Expanded Registry

The Registry is an international collection of individuals and families affected by DIAD and researchers studying the disease. Participating researchers use the Registry to help identify potential participants for clinical trials and the DIAN Observational Study and to find collaborators. Physicians, researchers, genetic counselors and other health professionals are all invited to join the Registry.

Clinical trials

Our clinical trials test potential DIAD preventive strategies. Trial sites are in multiple countries around the world.

The DIAN Observational Study

This longitudinal observational study of DIAD families from around the world provides participating researchers with access to a repository of clinical data and a tissue core for collaborative research efforts. Health professionals can join this research effort and help us monitor their DIAD patients.

Resources for participants and families

Individuals and families who participate in our research or in the Registry have access to many resources, including genetic testing, family conferences and webinars.