2015 DIAD Family Conference

Sponsored by the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network-Trials Unit (DIAN-TU) and the Alzheimer’s Association

Held July 18, 2015,the international conference gave DIAD families the opportunity to meet face to face and learn about the current state of research.

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Presentation videos

Genetic counseling

Review pre-symptomatic testing and other considerations
Speaker: Meagan Cochran, MS, CGC

Public policy engagement on issues facing those with Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (YOAD)

Speaker: Robert Kramer, MPA

Legal and financial matters

Power of attorney, financial planning, long term care
Speaker: Sheri R. Abrams, ESQ

State of Alzheimer’s disease research – panel discussion

Jeffrey Cummings, MD
DIAN Update – John Morris, MD
DIAN-TU Update – Randall Bateman, MD
NIH Funding and Data Sharing – Neil Buckholtz, PhD

Research panel discussion continued: NIH funding and data sharing

Speaker: Neil Buckholtz, PhD

Drug approval process and access — panel discussion

Food and Drug Administration – Janet Woodcock, MD
European Medicines Agency – Maria Isaac, MD
Eli Lilly – Eric Siemers, MD
F. Hoffmann-LaRoche – Robert Lasser, MD, MBA